Estimating, Engineering and Drafting


Whether it’s a budget estimate or a project estimate, we provide prompt, accurate estimates for commercial and residential projects of all sizes.

Our skilled estimators are organized and thorough, carefully reviewing bid requests, plans and specifications. Quantities, materials costs, labor costs and, if required, installation costs are all factored in, allowing us to create an accurate and detailed estimate for your planning purposes.

We can help you to contain your project costs through value engineering, offering cost-cutting alternative products and materials that allow you to keep your budget in check.

All bid requests are executed properly and all bid documents are always submitted by the specified deadline.

Engineering and Drafting

As a custom fabricator, we engineer architectural wood products to meet our clients’ specifications. Working with your sketches or architectural plans, we review your project requirements and precisely engineer your desired products, determining exactly how they will be built and addressing all of the necessary construction details to ensure that we achieve your vision.

Using sophisticated CAD software, we then produce clear and detailed shop drawings, which our production team uses to successfully execute your project. During the shop drawings phase, we also catalog all of the materials needed for your project, check their availability and gather samples ranging from wood and laminate samples to cabinet hardware and drawer slides.

Our thorough engineering process and accurate shop drawings are your guarantee that your architectural wood products will be fabricated to your satisfaction.